More and more lighting company will developing the industrial lighting market

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At present, China is already the world's largest LED lighting production base. But more upstream of the MOCVD device or part of the material is only able to rely on foreign enterprises. Therefore, the future of China's policy will encourage industrial innovation, and more attention in the upper reaches of the basic materials, such as the development of wide band gap semiconductor, or the era of Internet of things smart lighting applications.

As the mainstream market tends to mature, more and more lighting industry will look to the competition is not so fierce industrial lighting market. In fact, industrial lighting in the lighting industry is of great importance, at present Europe still has the largest market share, followed by China and the United states.

Estimated 2016 LED industrial lighting market size of $2 billion 932 million, followed by more than 16% of the annual rate of growth, even in 2016 the growth rate of up to 24%, by 2018, the market size will reach $3 billion 935 million.

With LED lighting products to enhance the performance and further reduce the price, believe that the field of industrial lighting will become the focus of the 2016 LED lighting manufacturers compete for the market.

Of course, LED energy saving effect, as the main driving force of industrial lighting, long time lighting use, so that the cost of recycling more competitive than home lighting, more adequate incentives to replace LED products consumers.

LED lighting strong growth in recent years, the penetration rate is expected to grow from 18% to 43%. Expected in the next few years, with the expansion of bilateral trade agreements between China and ASEAN, tariff concessions, as well as the implementation of a unified standard, Southeast Asia and China's trade will also be more closely.

Although the number of LED lighting demand continues to grow, but because of improving the efficiency of LED, leading to a reduction in the number of LED use, and LED prices are still down pressure. So looking forward to the next five years, the annual compound growth rate of the LED industry is not easy to appear in the past more than 10% of the growth rate.

In 2016, China LED production capacity will still continue to release, is expected to further enhance the domestic rate; packaging field, with the technology gap in price decreases, leading the market, the overall competitiveness of international manufacturers will be weakened, and the Chinese manufacturers will continue through mergers and acquisitions and other means, to expand the scale of enterprises, play the advantages of scale.


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