The most common question people ask about the module flood lights is, what happens when it is not in use.The answer is simple and straightforward. Simply lower the switch to off and sit back. This is simple, easy to do, and can save you a bundle on high electric bills.

So now we ask, what if I don’t want my module flood lights on at night? Simply lower the switch to a lower setting, or leave it completely off.If your neighborhood has low lighting conditions, consider an electrician to install the proper black finish for the module flood lights low 30 watt power consumption rating. The black finish will help illuminate the entire area and will help prevent the possibility of over-brightening. While it does little to enhance the look of the 500w floodlight, it does make the entire fixture look more stylish.

If you do not live in a neighborhood that has low lighting conditions, consider an electrician to convert your existing floodlight to the latest technology.By switching from the older internal lighting, to the new, electric 500w floodlight led light, you will save a bundle on your electric bill. By converting to the latest technology, you will also enhance the overall look of your home. If you don’t mind having the floodlight on at night, as most people do, simply have the electrician install the UL listed breakable ballast to lower the current consumption even further.

Another option to consider, when looking for a new lighting option for your home, are the UL listings or listing Enhanced Floodlighting.This particular model offers a dimpled, flat and smooth surface to compliment the latest in outdoor lighting. With this unit you can easily change the ballast to a different color or adjust the intensity of the floodlight. The UL protected Sports Floodlight is available with a protection grade of six thousand hours, making it one of the most durable sports floodlights on the market.

If you’re looking for an economical option to the ever increasing price of traditional halogen floodlights, consider the ultimate in energy efficiency, the 500w halogen floodlight low 30 watt power consumption.The low wattage allows you to enjoy bright, colorful lighting, without having to overdo it with the bright light. The built in surge suppression circuitry helps to keep the unit from being damaged by appliances or other power surges. The slim design makes it easy to place just about anywhere. The Sports 500w floodlight offers the ultimate in security, as well as an efficient use of energy and extra light.

Using the UL approved Sports 500w floodlight with its slim styling and efficient operation, you can enjoy beautiful natural lighting while still keeping safe during any outdoor activity.Whether you’re looking for a bright, colorful accent to your backyard or just need a little extra lighting when landscaping around the yard, consider a new, innovative floodlight. The halogen bulbs used in these units are made of one hundred percent recyclable. You can get a bright, long-lasting white light that’s easy on the eyes. The specially designed 500w floodlight , easy to install, easy to operate floodlight with an adjustable high degree beam angle and chip and mean well driver is perfect for any home.