As we all know, outdoor lighting fixtures need to pass the test from ice, snow, scorching sun, wind, rain and lightning in long stretches. Because of difficulty in dismantling and repair when installed on exterior walls and high post, they must meet the requirements of long-term stable operation. LEDs are delicate semiconductor components. If they get wet, the chip will absorb moisture and damage the LED, PCB and other components. That’s why LEDs should be in dry and low temperatures. To ensure that LEDs work stably under harsh outdoor conditions, the waterproof structural design of lamps is extremely critical.

At present, lighting waterproofing technology is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. The so-called structural waterproofing uses ordinary tools or special tools to disassemble any fasteners of the product and achieve waterproof protection performance through detachable processes. Material waterproofing is also called glue waterproofing. Insulation and waterproofing are achieved by filling the potting glue. After the glue is cured, the strong adsorption force is used to seal and connect with other structures of the lamp to achieve waterproofing.

Waterproofing provides lamps a safe place. Traditional driving power supplies have a five-year warranty, but experiments show that these driving power supplies have a high failure rate. Lamp beads will generate heat inside the casing. When this pressure fluctuation occurs, it will cause greater stress on the sealing ring and other connection points, thus affecting the sealing effect. Over time, the frequent expansion and contraction of the seal can cause the seal’s weak points to fail, allowing water, dust and contaminants to enter the light fixture, causing potential corrosion, short circuits or electronic component failure.

Reliability issues caused by seals, joints and connection points has a buffer. One or more respirators can be added to alleviate the above problems. The respirator is formed by combining eptfe membrane injection molding, ultrasonic welding, etc. to form a sealed component.

When the waterproof and breathable membrane inside the respirator is in the state of water vapor, the water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, they can smoothly penetrate the capillary tube to the other side, thus causing vapor permeability. When water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger due to the surface tension of the water droplets.

How to choose a lighting respirator?

  • The first choice is to look at the material. Currently, lighting respirators on the market generally include plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc. Plastic respirators are the most commonly used type of outdoor lighting, with specifications such as M12\M6. Plastic respirators are cheap, and as long as they are made of good materials, they can guarantee a minimum service life of 8 years. Metal materials have a longer service life, up to 15 years, or even longer!
  • Secondly, look at the waterproof and breathable capabilities of the diaphragm inside the lamp respirator. Generally, the protection level of the diaphragm is IP65~IP68. You can choose the corresponding protection level according to the needs of the lamp. The waterproof level and air permeability of the lighting respirator need to be tested with professional measuring instruments.
  • Finally, look at the appearance of the lamp respirator. Pay attention to the glossiness and whether the product is blistered or scratched. The surface of a good product is smooth and shiny, and it is smooth and flawless to the touch.

Although respirators may not necessarily solve all problems, as a professional outdoor lights manufacturer, I hope that we can make breakthroughs and create new milestones on the road of “united efforts and perseverance” in the research and development of outdoor lighting fixtures!

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