Solar LED Street light is a high-grade factory product, which has to be manufactured by following a series of processes. All the processes are followed in a sequential and efficient manner in order to manufacture products with high quality and efficiency. During the manufacturing process of the LED Street light, there are a number of different parts of the system, which have to be manufactured and integrated. It is important for all these elements of the system to be manufactured following a standard process so that they can perform appropriately in the system and provide suitable results.

Manufacturing of a solar panel

The first step involved in the manufacturing of a solar street light system is ‘the manufacturing of a solar panel’, which is an integral part of the system. The solar panel has a comprehensive manufacturing process of its own and it has to be designed as per the requirements of the solar street light system. In major industries, the manufacturing of solar panels is fully automated and machines are used for creating solar cells, which are then further used for creating solar panels of large power generation capabilities. Below, we have discussed the steps for manufacturing of solar panel:

1.Silicon raw material: The first step in the manufacturing of solar panel is obtaining silicon raw material, which is required during the process. Silicon is abundantly available on earth and it is usually obtained from sand, which is processed in order to obtain pure qualities Silicon material for the manufacturing of solar panels. Apart from Silicon, few other semiconductor materials can also be used for the purpose such as Germanium but the use of silicon is more common as compared to other materials.
2.Preparing ingots: Once the Silicon material has been obtained and processed then the next step involved in the manufacturing of solar panels is the preparation of ingots. There are a number of different processes involved in the preparation of ingots from the Silicon materials. The material is melted at high temperatures in order to be moulded into ingots of appropriate shape. The most common shape that is used for making in goods is the cylindrical shape. Similarly, once the Silicon material has been melted then an appropriate quantity of Boron material is added in order to introduce positive electric polarity into the material. Hence, when the process has been completed then an ingot or a monocrystalline cell is developed which is used for the preparation of wafers.
3.Preparation of wafers: Once ingots have been prepared, then they are cut into disks having minimal width for creating solar cells and these thin are called wafers. The process of the manufacturing of wafers should be carried out with extreme precision so that high-quality products can be manufactured. Once a wafer has been manufactured then it is also coated with an anti-reflective material since Silicon has a property of reflecting sunlight, which can affect its ability to generate electricity. Therefore, the coating of anti-reflective material will reduce its sunlight reflecting property and increase the efficiency of power generation.
4.Preparation of solar cells: The next step in the process is the manufacturing of a solar cell through the wafers that have been developed in the previous step. In order to create a solar cell, the wafer is provided with a conductor on its surface due to which the solar cell gets converted into a matrix-like structure, which is necessary for the generation of electricity.
5.Preparation of the solar panel: A solar panel is a combination of a great number of solar cells, which are combined in such a way that they produce electricity in a collective manner and store it into a battery or operator a load. There are different schemes of connecting solar cell in order to manufacture the solar panel. The solar cells are connected in the number of 48, 60 and 70. The generation capacity of the Solar Panel depends on the number of cells that have been combined.

Manufacturing of solar LED street light

The second most important process in the manufacturing of solar LED street light system is the manufacturing of LED lights. An LED is actually a light-emitting diode, which emits light when electricity is provided to it. There are light-emitting diodes of different properties and efficiencies, which can be used in the manufacturing of LED lights. Similarly, a number of different LEDs can be connected together in order to manufacture a streetlight having an appropriate output as required under the circumstances.
Therefore, the light-emitting diodes can either be manufactured or obtained from standard manufacturing companies in order to manufacture LED Street light. It should be ensured that the LEDs have higher efficiency and electricity to light conversion ratio so that they can provide appropriate results during operation.

Designing of control mechanism

In order to properly operate an LED street light, a control mechanism is necessary. In order to develop a control mechanism, programming and electronic skills are required. Once the designing of the control mechanism has been completed then it has to be developed into hardware for using in the LED solar street light system.

Manufacturing of solar led street light casing

The street light should have an appropriate casing, which is capable of holding the LED light as well as protecting it from environmental conditions. Similarly, the casing should be waterproof and able to protect the screen light under rainy conditions.
Manufacturing of solar led street light pole
The street light pole is another important part of the solar street light system, which keeps the solar street light and solar panel in erect for smooth operation. An appropriate material is selected for the preparation of the street light pole and the height of the pole is decided depending upon the requirements of users.

There are a number of different processes involved in the manufacturing of a solar street light system and it highly necessary for manufacturers to ensure the quality and standard in all processes. When efficiency and standard of manufacturing in all the processes have been maintained then the overall efficiency of this system will be high.

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