LED G4 Lights

    The M-Alite G4 series are a compact led low power lamps from M-Alite are 12V DC/AC LED light source 110lm/w with omnidirectional light diffusion, we offer in this series Three intensities: 1.5W, and 2.5W (20W, 35W and 60W Halogen equivalents). The series is Specially engineered with a clear silicon capsule design for the economical energy-efficient G4 LED replacement lamp provides retrofit capabilities for lighting fixtures with a G4 lamp base for wide applications. For driving the product of the series G4 we made it compatible with Low-Voltage Cube for easy installation and control. These series will let you Converts the T3 old incandescent fixtures to LED with CCT color temperature of 2700K up to 6500K (warm white, day light, cool white) which wasn’t possible with olde T3 incandescent. And saves money from electricity bills. Don’t even think about the price it will surprise you, M-Alite always has the best quality-price report.

    Product ModelWattageVoltage
    RABeam AnglePower FactorSize
    G41.5WAC12V/DC12V160LM >80
    G4 2.5W AC12V/DC12V270LM>80360°>0.523*118MM
    Weight0.433 kg
    Dimensions91 × 157 × 122 cm