ABL45 LED Garage Light is the perfect lighting solution for any garage, workshop, or carport. This light is designed to provide illumination and visibility in any area but is especially suited to the needs of a garage or workshop. It is an energy-efficient, high brightness LED light that is perfect for any lighting needs.

    The ABL45 LED Garage Light is designed to be small and compact, yet it packs an impressive amount of power. With its 45 watts of power, this light is capable of illuminating a large area with ease. The light is also adjustable in terms of angle, so you can position it to best suit your needs.

    The ABL45 LED Garage Light also has an independent light source. This means that the light source is separated from the lighting fixture and does not require the use of external fans or other cooling methods. This ensures that the light is highly efficient and does not require extra energy to operate.

    The ABL45 LED Garage Light also has a built-in heat sink, which helps to keep the light cool and prevent it from overheating. This is especially important in garages and workshops, as they tend to be hot and humid environments. The heat sink also helps to extend the life of the light

    Product ModelWattageInput voltage
    Luminous Efficacy
    RAColor TemperaturePower FactorIP Grade
    Material Of Shell
    ABL45-A45WAC100-240V100LM/W ≥802700-6500K
    0.5 | 0.9
    ABL45-A 60W AC100-240V100LM/W≥802700-6500K0.5 | 0.9IP44Aluminum+PC275*275*113
    ABL45-B60WAC100-240V100LM/W≥802700-6500K0.5 | 0.9IP44PC
    ABL45-B80WAC100-240V100LM/W≥802700-6500K0.5 | 0.9IP44Aluminum+PC295*295*145
    ABL45-B100WAC100-240V100LM/W≥802700-6500K0.5 | 0.9IP44Aluminum+PC295*295*145
    Weight0.433 kg
    Dimensions91 × 157 × 122 cm