LED Garden Light

    AGL10 and AGL11 are very cost-effective garden lamp series. The design inspiration of its appearance comes from foreign lamp shell designers.It has a small appearance and perfect integration with PC anti glare hood, reflecting the perfect industrial style. AGL10 and AGL11 are applicable to amusement parks, parks, wharves, industrial areas and other places. They illuminate the environment and provide reliable performance. AGL10 and AGL11 are made of ADC12. The waterproof grade has reached IP65. They can work in the working environment of -30 ℃ -50 ℃. They can be used in the natural environment for one year to ensure that they do not change color, and the corrosion resistance has reached WF1. AGL10 and AGL11 can use the conventional symmetric angle or the asymmetric angle like type3. The luminous efficiency is up to 100LM/W, providing reliable brightness lighting and power utilization.
    Product ModelWattageInput voltage
    Luminous Efficacy
    RAColor TemperatureBeam AnglePower FactorIP GradeIK Grade
    Material Of Shell
    Material Of Lens
    AGL1045W AC100-277V120LM/W >70|80|90  2400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K 
    Aluminum (ADC12) 
    AGL10 60W AC100-277V120LM/W>70|80|902400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K90°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) PC|PMMAAGL10:360*467
    Weight0.433 kg
    Dimensions91 × 157 × 122 cm