LED Smart Bulbs

    Packed with cutting-edge features, the LED Smart Bulb is designed to enhance your space with its innovative functionality and effortless installation. Let’s dive into the remarkable features that make the LED Smart Bulb the ultimate lighting solution:

    • Radar Sensing for Automated Illumination:
      Say goodbye to fumbling for light switches in the dark. With its advanced radar sensing technology, the Smart Bubble detects movement and automatically lights up when someone enters its vicinity. Whether it’s a hallway, staircase, or any other area, the LED Smart Bulb ensures you have instant illumination when you need it most. And when the motion subsides, it intuitively dims and eventually turns off, conserving energy and eliminating the hassle of manually controlling the lights.
    • High-Intensity Illumination without Flickering:
      Experience lighting like never before with the LED Smart Bulb’s high-intensity illumination. Unlike traditional bulbs, our innovative design ensures a consistent and bright light source without any flickering. Enjoy a well-lit environment that is easy on the eyes, creating a comfortable and productive atmosphere wherever you choose to install the LED Smart Bulb.
    • Hassle-Free Installation:
      We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we’ve made the installation process of the LED Smart Bulb a breeze. Whether you prefer to attach it to the wall or ceiling, the LED Smart Bulb’s versatile installation options allow you to customize its placement to suit your needs. Say goodbye to complex wiring and hours spent on installation.
    Product ModelWattageInput voltage
    Power Factor
    LED Smart Bulb3WAC100-240V270LM
    LED Smart Bulb5WAC100-240V450LM>0.52700-6500K55*95
    LED Smart Bulb7WAC100-240V630LM>0.52700-6500K60*108
    LED Smart Bulb9WAC100-240V
    LED Smart Bulb12WAC100-240V
    LED Smart Bulb15WAC100-240V
    LED Smart Bulb18WAC100-240V