LED T Bulb

    Are you going to buy quality T shape led lamp with E27/E40 base at an affordable price?
    M-ALITE , as one of the leading t shape led lamp manufacturers and suppliers in China, offers the best T shape lamps from all the aspects, starting from high lumen efficacy , well heat dissipation, long life ,reduced energy consumption, different out looking design Elegant white surface design that can customize the base to E40 , Top quality LED CHIPS 2835 and high light transmittance PC cover, No flicker for eye protection, Constant current LED driver works in full range voltage(AC 100v-240V) , Color temperature optional :2800-3200K/ 4000-4500K / 6000-6500K , and Customized lamp design possible , to the last aspect of a well-designed color box according to the need .
    Now all what is missing is you to take the action and contact our sales and you will find the service even better than the product itself.

    Product ModelWattageInput voltageLumenBeam AngleRAPower FactorCCTBaseDimension(mm)
    重量0.433 公斤
    尺寸91 × 157 × 122 厘米