Outdoor Garden Lights

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AGL12 is a new type of garden light fixture with high cost performance. The surface of AGL12 is made of ADC12’s die-cast aluminum material, which is available in black and gray. The light-emitting surface is made of 4MM tempered glass, which greatly improves the anti-collision level of the whole lamp, and has the effect of anti-UV, and the waterproof level has reached IP65, can work in different ambient temperature from -30℃ to 50℃. The lens of AGL12 can use conventional symmetrical light distribution angles, or different types of asymmetric light distribution angles. It can be compatible with 3030 and 5050 lamp beads, and the maximum light efficiency can be 160LM/W, which can meet customers’ needs for greater brightness and energy saving. demand. AGL12 can be pendant mounted, side entry mounted, suspended mounted and post top mounted four installation schemes to meet the security needs of different installation and use environments.
Product ModelWattageInput voltage
Luminous Efficacy
RAColor TemperatureBeam AnglePower FactorIP GradeIK Grade
Material Of Shell
Material Of Lens
AGL1210-100W AC85-305V160LM/W >70|80|90  2400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K|6500K 
Type I | Type II | Type III
Aluminum (ADC12) 
重量0.433 kg
尺寸91 × 157 × 122 cm



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