Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    AFL18 is a new type luminaire with 4 different housings, which can achieve optimal cost and also meet customers’ power requirements. AFL18 is made of ADC12 die-cast aluminum, and its unique fin design structure greatly improves the heat dissipation effect of the lamp.Its surface glass can effectively strengthen lamp structure, protect lamp beads and driver and also block UV radiation.Its water-proofing grade is IP65, ensuring that the luminaire can work properly in any harsh environment. AFL18 is designed with a variety of features: 4 different mounting methods for clients; Conventional U-shaped bracket supports 180° adjustment to meet lighting needs under different situations; AB-type bracket can be mounted directly on the wall; Threaded adapters with suction cups is easy for installation and removal in daily use.
    Product ModelWattageInput voltage
    Luminous Efficacy
    RAColor TemperatureBeam AnglePower FactorIP GradeIK Grade
    Material Of Shell
    AFL18-A50W AC100-240V150LM/W >70|80|90  2400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K 
    Aluminum (ADC12) 
    AFL18-B 100W  AC100-240V150LM/W>70|80|902400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) 
    AFL18-C150W AC100-240V150LM/W>70|80|902400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) 
    AFL18-D200W AC100-240V150LM/W>70|80|902400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) 389*336*78