UFO Highbay Light

    The Adjustable Philips UFO Smart 100-300W 160lm/W Industrial LED High Bay Light uses the latest generation technology to allow you to have excellent power in a very small space. It is one of the best LED high bay lights on the market because of the energy savings it produces, no maintenance, long average lifespan, and the excellent reliability and flexibility it offers. It is equipped with energy-efficient PHILIPS Lumileds SMD 3030 LEDs, which together with other high quality built-in components can achieve LED outputs up to 160 lm/W. Its innovative aluminum heat sink keeps the operating temperature constant and optimally dissipates the heat generated by the conversion of electrical energy into light energy. The unit’s Philips driver has integrated 6KV protection against overload, short circuit, temperature, high input and output voltages, making it a very safe driver. It has high efficiency, high protection factor and low THD.
    Product ModelWattageInput voltage
    Luminous Efficacy
    RAColor TemperatureBeam AnglePower FactorIP GradeIK Grade
    Material Of Shell
    Material Of Lens
    UFO22-A100W AC100-240V160LM/W >70|80  2400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K 
    60° | 90° | 120°
    Aluminum (ADC12) 
    UFO22-B 150W AC100-240V160LM/W>70|802400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K60° | 90° | 120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12)  PC
    UFO22-C200WAC100-240V160LM/W>70|802400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K60° | 90° | 120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) PC
    UFO22-D300WAC100-240V160LM/W>70|802400K|2700K|3000K|4000K|5000K60° | 90° | 120°>0.9IP65IK08Aluminum (ADC12) PC
    Weight0.433 kg
    Dimensions91 × 157 × 122 cm