LED bulb light is more widely used in indoor lighting, is currently a regular use of lighting fixtures. Currently on the market LED bulb light are non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps and lanterns, that is, the LED driver power supply is installed inside the lamp body, directly connected to the 220V AC power can be used. LED bulb light is mainly composed of a PC cover, LED, aluminum substrate, heat sink (lamp body), driver power supply, lamp head composition. Due to the LED bulb light manufacturers, each due to the manufacturers of different materials, processes, LED encapsulation, making the market LED bulb light in the design and processing there are great differences. This article mainly introduces the design of LED bulb lamps and LED bulb lamps and LED bulb lamps related to the detection of knowledge.

The characteristics of LED bulb light:

LED bulb light, also known as LED bulb, its interface mode that screw (E26, E27, E14), socket (B22, etc.) way, in order to meet the people’s habits, the designer imitated the incandescent bulb shape. Due to the difference in the LED light-emitting principle, the designers have made great changes in the structure of the lamps and lanterns, so that the LED bulb light distribution curve is basically the same as that of incandescent lamps. Currently on the market LED bulb lamp shape are similar to incandescent lamps, LED bulb lamps are used screw type (E27). LED bulb lamp is composed of lamp head, constant current drive power supply, heat sink LED light source components (LED, aluminum substrate), lampshade, connectors, screw.

①Exx: refers to the lamp base for the threaded port lamp base, x x is the diameter of the threaded port, the unit mm. such as E27 refers to the diameter of the threaded port 27mm screw. E26 (American Standard) lamp head threads only 3 turns, E27 (European Standard) lamp head threads have 4 turns.

②LED bulb light, also known as: G45, G50, G60, G70, etc. G refers to the largest size of the sphere. G45 means the maximum diameter of the LED bulb light is 45mm, which is the lampshade part of the LED bulb light.

Voltage of LED bulb light:

①Grid voltage: AC100V, Japan and South Korea; AC110~130V, 30 countries and regions such as Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Cuba and Lebanon; AC220~230V, China, Hong Kong, China (200V), the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, India, Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Austria, the Philippines and Norway and other about 120 countries and regions.

Grid voltage varies around the world, and there are some countries where two different grid voltages are used simultaneously. North American countries, such as the United States and Canada AC120V/240V (single-phase, 60Hz), Mexico AC127V/220V (single-phase, 60Hz), Brazil AC110V/220V (single-phase, 60Hz). Asian countries, such as Japan AC100V/200V (single phase, 50Hz), Vietnam AC120V/220V (single phase, 50Hz).

LED filament lamp consists of LED filament, products include candle lamp, bulb lamp, etc., suitable for five-star business hotels, high-grade luxury residential and other indoor lighting.

What certification is needed to export LED bulb light to various countries?

LED bulb lights are also known as non-directional self-ballasted LED lights, so when exported to various countries, what certification is required? What are the standards used for testing?

LED bulb light China certification: need to do CQC certification, China Energy Efficiency Labeling, China ROHS

– LED bulb light China test standards: non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting Performance Requirements GB/T 24908-2014, LED products for indoor lighting energy-efficiency limit values and energy-efficiency levels GB 30255-2019, non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting Performance Requirements TEAS 004-2014, non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting Energy Saving Certification Technical Specification CQC3130-2011, China Blue Light Hazard GB7000.1-2015, Safety Requirements for Self-Ballasted Lamps for General Lighting GB 16844-2008 4.3

LED bulb light international certification: CB certification

– LED bulb lamp international test standards: self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting above 50V Safety requirements IEC 62560:2011 , IEC62778:2014, IEC62471 blue light hazard test, safety requirements for self-ballasted lamps for general lighting IEC 60968:1988, safety requirements for self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting IEC 60968. 2015

LED bulb light exported to the United States certification: need to do UL/ETL certification, FCC certification, FTC certification, ES Lamp V2.1, Lamp, DOE, Lamp CECT20, Lamp CECT24, DLC test, LM-79, LM-80, ISTMT, TM-21, California 65

– LED bulb light U.S. test standards: UL1993 standard and UL8750

LED bulb light European certification: CE, ROHS, ERP, GS, ENEC, IES, WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC)

– European Test Standard for LED Bulb Lamps: Measurement and Presentation of Light Parameters of Light Sources and Luminaires – Part 4: LED Bulbs, Modules and Luminaires EN 13032-4:2015, Principles of measurement of the spectrum of a light source CIE 63, Principles of measurement of luminous flux CIE 84, Principles of derivation of the lumen maintenance rate of a light source over a long period of time IES TM21, Principles of derivation of the lumen maintenance rate of a light bulb and luminaire over a long period of time IES TM28, Principles of Area Luminous Flux Measurement L2 (AP)005, Safety requirements for self-ballasted LED lamps above 50V for general lighting EN 62560:2012

LED bulb lamp UK certification: UKCA-EMC, UKCA-LVD, UKCA-ERP, UKCA-ROHS

– LED Bulb UK Test Standard: Self-ballasted LED bulbs above 50V for general lighting BS EN 62560:2012

LED bulb light Japan certification: PSE (round), MITI filing

– LED bulb light Japan test standards: bulb light to do PSE certification standards: JIS C8156, J55015, JIS C 8157-2011

LED bulb light Korea certification: KC certification

– LED bulb light Korean test standards: safety standards: K60598, EMC standards: K00015 nd K6

LED bulb light Saudi Arabia certification: SASO/SABER certification, SASO2870 energy-efficiency certification

– LED bulb light Saudi Arabia test standard: IEC 62560:2011

LED bulb lamp to the required COC or inspection of the country, can use EN certificate report or IEC report to apply for COC certificate, depending on the country of arrival.

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