Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to protect the electrical installation, which consists of the consumer unit, wiring and accessories, from electrical power surges known as transient overvoltages.

In addition to the performance, surge protection devices can be divided into two commonly used types: 10 kV and 20 kV. They can also be divided into series type and parallel type in terms of product structure.

Electrical parameters:

  • Uc: 277V, which refers to the maximum rated voltage suitable for long-term operation of lightning arrester products. The household voltage in Europe and China is 220V, but this is not constant. There is a fluctuation error, but the maximum limit is generally 277V. Within this maximum voltage, the lightning arrester can be used normally for a long time without damage.
  • Up: value refers to the protective voltage of the lightning arrester product after a lightning strike, that is, the residual voltage after a lightning strike; when a lightning strike occurs, the maximum voltage out of the lightning after passing through the lightning arrester does not exceed 1500V.

Notice: The smaller the Up value, the better! Because the smaller the Up value, it means that the residual voltage generated during a lightning strike is smaller, so the impact on the product is smaller, but this also means that the technical level of the lightning protector manufacturer is also required to be higher! The residual voltage values for European and American certifications are both ≤1500V.

  • ln(8/20uS): This refers to the standard discharge current intensity of the lightning arrester within 8 microseconds to 20 microseconds; That is, within this time, the current impact intensity that the product can withstand without being damaged; why is it 8 microseconds to 20 microseconds? This is because the lightning strike process in nature usually takes such a long time; Judging from the available information, the In value required by Malaysia is 3.5kA, the In value required by China, Europe and the Americas is 5kA, while the In value required by Japan is 6kA.
  • Uoc 10kV, this refers to the open circuit voltage of the product (Open circuit). That is, the lightning voltage that the protected electrical appliance can withstand when it is turned off and not in use. In fact, as long as the intensity of the lightning strike is strong enough, electrical appliances may still be damaged by lightning even if they are turned off and not in use! When the street light source is not turned off and is still powered on, due to the protection of the lightning arrester, the maximum withstand voltage of the street light source can still reach 10kV, which effectively improves the high voltage impact resistance level of the entire street light.
  • Mcov 320V This refers to the maximum voltage that the lightning arrester can maintain normal operation in a short period of time. That is, when powered on, the lightning arrester can maintain normal operation in a short period of time under a maximum voltage of 320V; 

Innovation and R&D support:

T2/T3: T2 means that the lightning arrester is a secondary lightning arrester; the electrical parameters of the secondary lightning arrester are relatively large, so the volume is relatively large. It is generally suitable for the power supply circuit of electrical products, such as installation on street lamp poles. In the power distribution box below, a parallel circuit design is normally used;

T3 means that the lightning arrester is a three-level lightning protector; the size of the third-level lightning protector is relatively small, so it is suitable for installation in a small space inside electrical products, and under normal circumstances, it adopts a series circuit design.

In summary, we recommend that outdoor lighting manufacturers, when choosing lightning protector products, must first understand whether the outdoor lighting they produce is installed and used in a strong lightning strike area; if it is used in a strong lightning strike area, a higher protection level is strongly needed

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